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7 Phases of Essay Writing

Essay Writing

Writing is a daunting task, especially for those students who do not enjoy the task. It demands a student to be perfect in handwriting, spelling, grammar, composition, punctuation, and many more aspect. It can be difficult for students to cover all these aspects at a time, which is one of the primary reasons many consider assignment writing helps only.

However, if you’re looking for help to get started with your essay-writing experience, this article is for you. Dividing the entire task into stages makes it easy to tick off the boxes once it is done.


The seven stages of essay writing

According to the EEF’s guidance report, the process of essay writing can be broken down into the following seven stages :

  • Planning
  • Drafting
  • Sharing
  • Evaluating
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Publishing

A recent study conducted by trainers in different training sessions found that students generally spent most of their time planning, drafting, and editing essays while ignoring the other crucial steps of essay writing.

Planning phase

Any form of writing requires the planning phase, where the purpose of writing is identified, and the audience persona is formed. Then, the points to be written are jotted down from different and reliable sources.

Drafting Phase

Drafting an essay copy is a simple task that involves writing down the jotted points, in the form of a well-structured essay, with the correct vocabulary and punctuation. Once this is done, we move on to the Sharing phase.

Sharing Phase

In many schools and universities, the draft approval of an essay should be confirmed before heading to work on the final copy. If you have to follow the procedure, you ought to curate a well-structured essay from the draft copy and provide it for submission.

Evaluation Phase

Once your supervisor or mentor approves the draft copy, you’ll generally be told to make a few changes by adding or removing certain parts or sentences. Then, in the evaluation phase, a student needs to correct the mistakes and prepare the second draft copy, which can also be the final copy of the submission.

Revising phase

Once the entire process is done, revising the essay before the submission is best. The students must remember that this is one of the most crucial phases. Many critical errors can be caught at this phase. You ought to revise for grammatical errors, matching the tone of your essay with the authoritative style, punctuation or spelling mistakes, etc.

Revising phase

Editing phase

More often than not, many mistakes can be caught in the revising phase, which people should address. For example, through proofreading, this can be further edited to prepare the final copy. You can also take a second-person perspective by asking someone to proofread.

Publishing phase

Once the entire essay is ready for submission, it is called the submission or the publishing phase.


Why Should Students Use Online Essay Writing Services?

Students go through various academic learning stages, from nursery to doctorate levels, where they have to write essays on multiple topics. They are made to write essays as assignments so that the teachers can evaluate their grasp on the subjects taught in schools and colleges.

Though writing essays can be fun, most students prefer to spend their time focusing on more important activities. Hence, we can see students turning to essay writing services to help them complete their assignments.

They take the help of professional essay writers who offer their services for minimal charges. Today, we will discuss why students should use online essay-writing services.

The Impacts Of Using Online Essay Writing Services

There are various reasons students should use online dissertation writing help services. Let us look at some of those reasons in this article.

  • Helps Improve Your Writing Skills

When you use the services of professionals from best essay writing websites, you will get top-quality essays. Some professionals focus their time and energy on writing the best essays possible.

Reading the essays written by these professionals will help improve your writing skills immensely. You will understand that writing essays are not as simple as following some guidelines online and writing them.

When you are made to write an essay, you must do proper research on the topic and plan out the structure of the essay. It is improper to write random points in an essay. The write-up should have a natural flow while keeping in mind that you achieve the purpose of the essay’s topic.

The most important thing is to make people understand the purpose of the essay you are writing. The reader should be able to comprehend what you have written on the given topic.

So, when you read the essays written by these top professionals, you will get a grip on how to write top-quality essays. Their use of vocabulary, grammar, and structure depends on your academic level.

If you are a high school student, they will write the essay accordingly. For essays related to higher education, the writers will apply more complex methods. You will get the necessary content quality to get good grades on your term papers.

  • Essay Writing Sites Help Share Your Workload

A student’s life can be pretty tedious, from learning multiple subjects in the classroom to going home and writing assignments for all of them. This takes a toll on the mental health of young children.

The way the education system is set up in most countries, students hardly get time off from their studies. Top essay writer service allow you to share some of that workload with professional writers.

You can assign the cheap essays that you find challenging to professional writers so that you can focus on other academic-related studies. A student’s workload is so much these days that they search for alternate ways to complete them.

Students’ stress level is so high these days because of the endless assignments and studies they have to complete in short periods. Their minds get exhausted from all the subjects they must cover to pass the exams.

If you are a student going through similar situations, you should consider finding professional writers online for your essays. They will help take some of that workload off your shoulders so you can focus on other things.

These writers are used to writing multiple essays in short periods, and the results are top-notch. So, if you have many essays to complete in a short period, you can take the help of these professional writers.

The best essay writing service will have profiles of its writers, along with reviews by previous customers. So, you can perform a background check on the writers before you decide on one.

  • Helps You Get Good Grades

The best websites for writing essays usually provide top-quality writers who have written essays and even term papers for college students. They are well-equipped with the right tools to tackle any topic.

Some teachers focus much of their marking system on assignments submitted by the students. If you are not good at writing essays, you might not be graded well by such teachers.

Get a professional writer from online cheap essay writing services and let them complete your assignment. Give the writer all the instructions your teacher gave for the essay when you send the order. Some teachers want essays to be written in specific patterns, failing which, they will not give you good grades.

The writer will perform proper research to understand the topic of your essay. Once he understands the purpose of the topic, he will follow the guidelines forwarded by your teacher and come up with an excellent paper.

The result of the essay can fetch you high grades. There is no harm in using their services as not every student can write complex essays.

As you keep on using their services, you will gradually learn to write complex essays by yourself. This is one of the benefits of using professional writers to help write your essays. When you read how they have written the essay, their techniques will be passed on to you naturally.

  • The Best Essay Writers Will Help You Learn Better

The best essay writers are experts on specific subjects. If you have difficulties understanding certain topics given by your teachers, you should take their services.

These writers will write essays so that even the most complex topics will be simplified. They will give detailed explanations of the topics you have sent them, with a proper structure.

If you are to write complex topics, you might take weeks to understand them. It takes a lot of research and understanding to write such essays. Professional writers will make life easier for you.

These sites also offer services where the writer explains everything in detail to the students for any topic. If you struggle to grasp the topic, the writer will make you understand all the minute details.

  • They Are Affordable

It is safe to say that students might not be the wealthiest people in the world. They depend on monthly stipends from their parents or scholarships for college students. So, the affordability factor also comes in when looking to hire a professional writer.

Most essay writing websites have writers with different prices for their services. A writer who works on a Ph.D. thesis would be expensive. However, most writers that deal with high school essays come at affordable prices.

Their prices also depend on the time you have to submit your paper. It will cost you a lot if you require your essay in a couple of hours. However, if you give a writer ample time to write your essay, you will only pay a minimal charge.

It also depends on the workload of the writer. Even if the person is an experienced writer, they will cost less if they are not occupied with other orders.

How To Find The Best Online Essay Writing Service

You must go through some essential features if you are looking for the best essay writing services online to help with your essays. The top essay-writing services usually have writers that can help students of all academic levels, covering every discipline.

Let us look at some of the features top writing services provide.

  • Punctuality

When you check for reviews on a website, it is essential to check the punctuality of the writers. A top company will always ensure that the writers submit their work on time to their clients.

They should be able to work under pressure and provide top-notch essays. The top essay writing websites boast 90-100% punctuality reviews online.

  • Professionalism

The writers in top companies show exceptional professionalism when dealing with their clients. They do not complain about the instructions and carry a lot of responsibility.

They ensure that they write the essays as if they were their own. The customer reviews on the website will give you a good insight into the writers’ professionalism.

  • Top Companies Cover All Disciplines

The most important feature of a top essay writing company is that they provide writers with a wide range of profiles. They cover all the disciplines in academia.

The writers in these companies cover many types of papers, from student essays to research papers. They will also help write literature reviews and do case studies.

Buy an essay online from the top companies which have writers that also help write dissertations for Ph.D. students and for premium prices. They deliver their work on time with high-quality content for essays and other academic assignments.

Final Thought

The use of online cheap essay writing services provides many benefits to students. They help the students get better at writing their essays gradually.

These services also help students improve their writing skills by learning to structure essays and use proper grammar. One of the most vital roles these companies play is taking away some workload from the student, taking away some stress.

If you have problems writing essays, you can always contact the top professional writers from online essay writing services. You will receive top-quality content in no time for minimal costs!

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